Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mr. Brightside

Had to cut my first attempt at a long run (since my IT-band injury due to running too much like an idiot) short this morning to a crappy only 11 miles.  And as this song shuffled onto the iPod I thought - ahh this is my current theme song:
The Killers - Mr. Brightside

I must (try) to be Mr. Brightside  -  need to try to see things on the bright side.

Am still suffering (over dramatic) what has evolved into a classic running injury - a testy / pissed off IT-band.

What a crappy injury the IT-band is.  It just stubbornly complains at you and doesn't let you do what you want to do... run a lot! (or much at all for that matter)

And in October and November I have got 3 races lined up and this stupid IT-band is starting to put a crimp in my master plans darn it!

Anyway - over like the last 3 going on 4 weeks I have turned into quite the swimmer and elliptical rider (by the way, what is the right way to say that - "I rode the elliptical machine", "I did the elliptical machine", "I ran on the elliptical machine"....  hmm?).

Anyway, I think I could enter some kind of competition for what my weekends without running have evolved into:
  1. See how many calories you can burn/how much speed you can do on the elliptical in 45 minutes.
  2. T1 (Transition 1) - Run into the locker room and change your workout clothes because you have grossly sweat over the equipment and turned into a human stink-bomb water fountain drenched in your own funk.
  3. See how many calories you can burn/how much speed you can do on the elliptical in 45 minutes again.
  4. T2 (Transition 2) - Run downstairs and change into your swimming trunks, hat (required in Japan), and goggles, and jump into the pool.
  5. See how many laps you can swim in an hour.  (ok... 45 minutes is usually when I bonk out and give up).

There has got to be such a competition/niche sport out there somewhere right....?
Maybe it's called "Ellipti-Swimming".

Also during the weekdays I am heading over pretty much nightly (except when work forces me to work too late:  Grrr...) to the previously mentioned Ota-shi Hoken Center (太田市役所 太田市保健センター) which seems to have become my home away from home (I am saving all kinds of $$$ on my water bills as most all of my showers are now taken there).
During the weekdays mostly I am swimming - it is me and a bunch of retired people banging out laps (or in many folks cases walking) in the pool.  Here is home page of my home-away-from home:

One quirky thing about swimming at pools in Japan in general is that they force you to take a break from 50 minutes after the hour to the top of the hour.  So most everybody sits together in the Ofuro (hot tube with jets in it) thing.  And being the loud mouth that I am I am always striking up conversations during this 10 minute forced break time with the (mostly) all older crowd.  I think I have a few 75 year old ladies having a crush on me.  I was thinking the other day about this scene from Caddyshack from about the 45 second mark where Rodney Dangerfield goes "You must have been something before electricity" and saying it to a few of the 75 year old hotties at the pool but the joke would have been totally lost on everyone (plus I would have never said it out loud).
(click image to view awesomely funny video from 45 sec mark)

Anyway... hopefully this stupid nagging injury will go away soon.

Other random stuff - was anyone as into seeing what would happen with Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and who would pull out the 'W' - Nick Clark or Ian Sharman?  That is so crazy to be able to pull that off.  Wow.

Anyway, that is about it...  I got nothing else.


  1. 1. ITB injuries are stupid. I dealt with one for a bit. Strength training helped me more than foam rolling. And I threw in hot yoga too. All cleared up now.
    2. I wake up to the theme song from Caddyshack. "I'm all right....nobody worry 'bout me..."
    3. Create a Japanese elliptical-swim duathlon. Invite said old ladies. Win first place.
    4. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Good stuff. Your #3 is pretty funny. And a twisted good idea. I could see me just pummeling the poor old ladies and while running from the elliptical down to the pool (T2) talking smack the whole way... "Better hurry it up Grandma - you still got 2 more kilometers to go on that thing till you get to the pool!"

  2. I might have been a little cheeky with my last comment to you. Well that's come back to bite me in the (well you know). I have my own little injury now to consume my every thought and no one seems to care. Community gyms in Japan are like bingo centers here in NZ. Those seniors though were fit. I struggled to keep up! Always enjoy your music/movie clips. Have a great week.

    1. Yes - running injuries suck!!!
      Looks like I am pulling out of mine. 5 miles this morning and seems like my IT-band just might grant me a clean bill of health. Now it will take all my power to bring it back slow and not do too much too soon - especially swimming laps in the pools drives me batty if I do it all the time (like recently).
      Best of luck with your injury!
      And yes you are right - a lot of fit seniors in Japan. I can't compare with NZ but they would rout most seniors in the US who wheel themselves into Chilli's Applebee's, TGI Friday's and the like multiple times a week for large helpings of calories.

  3. Looking over your blog here, it seems you are without a doubt motivated, but need a bit more help on how to reign in your enthusiasm. If you have a goal (like breaking 3 hours) then you must focus on that goal and not try to do everything at once. I'm all for cross-training (swimming, cycling, elliptical, etc.), but there has to be a purpose...Also, upping the mileage isn't always the right medicine in getting your marathon goal. While you do need to put in some good mileage 45-60, there is no need to do anymore than that unless you're a professional...Look forward to meeting you when you're back in AZ. All the best and be smart with your running until then... :-)