Sunday, October 20, 2013

International Turtle 1/2 Marathon Race Report - Blame it on the Rain

Lets get right to the theme song of my race today:
Milli Vanilli - Blame it on the Rain   (never a cheesier song has there been)

Today marked the 42nd running of the タートルマラソン国際大会 - The International Turtle Marathon (the homepage of the race looks so sunny and everybody looks so happy... false advertising!).
They couldn't have made up a better name for the race today.  As turtles like water (and we had *plenty* of that today), and I ran like a turtle, here is my crap time:
1:31:32.  Ugh...
Why must I suck so badly...?

Wait... I know why.
Thanks Milli Vanilli, let me quote your song which you didn't even sing (which is besides the point but funny nonetheless):
   Gotta blame on something...  Gotta blame on something... 
   Blame it on the rain. 

Actually though even Milli Vanilli excuses can't save me here, I just sucked.
I can always try with the excuses though... I just got over my IT-band nagging injury and I sucked it up because of that, it rained a lot and really hard, it was windy, it was crowded, we were brought to a dead halt due to a massive puddle/hole turn around mile 5, I wasn't loved enough as a child, and blah, blah, blah.  :-)

Anywho, for the recap;
  • I got there, it was freezing a** raining.
  • I somehow lost my iPod Shuffle just before the start in the race in the bag-drop area.  Curses!  This pretty much set the tone for the race.
  • I was way rushing to the start line (due to searching for my iPod at the bag drop area), started in way too late of a coral.
  • Here is about what anyone's face looked like looking up to the sky (courtesy of / credit to Mark Wahlberg & George Clooney from "The Perfect Storm"  -  it rained in that movie a bit too).
  • It was absolutely flat out pouring.
  • The "out" of the out-and-back course had us running into a diagonal wind and rain.  And the rain was coming down and pelting so hard I could hardly keep my eyes open because the rain was thumping my eyeballs.  I wish I had worn sunglasses to protect my eyeballs from the pummeling they were receiving from the rain.
  • Then we turned around at the out and back.  It seemed like the wind was now not helping us (not sure if it shifted but I could not have been in a more pissed off mood at this point so lets just claim that that the wind shifted).
  • I ran through massive puddles at this point most all of the way, and peoples running would like splash all over you (editorial input:  re-reading that sounds so lame).
  • Eventually I flipping finished.
  • I looked at my Garmin for my time and was pissed.
  • We then had to walk through mud up to our ankles where they herded us.  I thought my shoes were going to get stuck in the mud due to the suction  
  • I got my bag, there was a small hole in the top of it (was a plastic bag, of course the drop bags were not left under a tent to shield them from the rain because, umm... that would have made sense), and so my supposed dry clothes were pretty much soaked too.
  • I groused about, hightailed straight out of there with my crap-a** time.
  • Walked 15 min back to the train station freezing my a** off getting rained on some more.  Hoping I don't have a cold now.
  • Went to a mall right next to the train station, went into a public bathroom (along with a bunch of other drenched and cold runners) changed out of my shorts, shirt, and mud-shoes, into my also generally wet - planned to be dry clothes.  And.... a about 70 year old janitor lady walks in mopping the floor when I was buck-naked...  Awesome.  Sorry about that.  
  • And then I went home.


  1. 1. Mud?? You sure you signed up for a road race and not a XC race?
    2. I couldn't make up my mind if Mark Wahlberg was laughing or screaming in despair.
    3. If it was any comfort, it rained, OK drizzled, during my race too.

  2. Now your blog is not about me, it's about you. Having said that I'd be very happy with a time like that but I guess that's hardly going to ease the pain, is it. I know what you mean about windy days. Why on earth do we runners always find a way to run into it! Shouting obscenities skyward doesn't seem to help. Ive done that a few times and really hope no one saw me. I think a 1.31 and change is a very good effort all things considered. Well done.