Sunday, January 12, 2014


No big race reports of me imploding or anything overly exciting to report on my widely (not!) read blog, but many goodness things going on in my boring cog-in-a-big-wheel-at-work, runner, suburbanite when in the US, bachelor when in Japan husband/dad, friend to many great folks, ordinary life.

So randomly... first on the running front;
As I have been banging my head against the wall for about a year now without real progress in my running times, I finally broke down and got a kick-ass running coach.  Holy good decision Batman...   Great guy, got me on a focused program to achieve my goals (hugely needed), and already knows how to push my buttons to piss me off and encourage me in alternating fashion.
I can finally see a realistic path to a sub-3 hour marathon.  It is going to happen.  It is great to have an an actionable gameplan to get there.  Just need to focus, knuckle down, and execute.

Speaking of focus, a fun thing from work, we have had a couple of Badmitten and table-tennis square offs at work recently, and most of the people I work with are all super nice, but as it is a pretty hyper competitive industry we work in and hyper competitive company we work at as well, you get all these nice people with this burning competitiveness always just below the surface.
And that competitiveness comes out when you start playing a supposedly fun and friendly game of Badmitten or table-tennis.  Here is a group picture from one of said get togethers at the end of last year.
Good times...

A to remain unnamed coworker/friend from above picture was Mrs (or Mr will keep it a mystery) nice-person as we played a few (supposedly) friendly games of Badmitten.  And myself and my game-partner found ourselves beating Mrs Nice-Person.  And said Mrs. Nice-Person on one point yelled at her partner (who is the absolute nicest person) after a point they lost "Focus!".
It was so funny (and also awesome) to see that competitive streak surface.  And they promptly went on to stomp us and close out the match.  But we have not let this joke go and it is now one of my favorite sayings at work which I find I can work into a joke in almost any situation.  Great fun.

Also this end of year and into this first week of 2014 I have been able to be back in the US and so spent tons of time with the family.  Sooo great to be together with / spend time with them.

Additionally got to get in some quality reading over the break, most enjoyed the book Teardown by Gordon Young about my hometown.

Since I have been back in the States over the Holidays/start of the year I have got to see/visit with a number of current and old/former work and in general friends which has been great.  It is so rewarding to catch up with old friends.

So heading into 2014, it is all about "Focus!".  And this begins with bringing focus to my executing to a sub-3 hour full marathon.  Gotta make it happen.

So... for a song have been digging on recently, and my theme (well at least for today because I am digging the song) it is time for the non-focus'ed nice guy running Ted to "Move over nice dog, a Big-Bad Dog is moving in."

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Move It On Over

Happy Running.


  1. Good move Ted. Looks like just the motivation you need at this stage. So hard to get out of those training routines we fall into. Then we wonder why we produce those same results. Will be interested to see how you change things up - Good luck.

    1. Exactly - it is great to switch stuff totally up. In my case it is a lot more speed work and sessions where I really push myself over 10 miles and less runs. Is great so far, but is hard work.