Monday, May 19, 2014

Let's Get Ready to Rumble...!!!

After years of running (around 5?) I have rounded into my best running form by a wide margin.

And now finally it is all chips in for a massive new marathon PR (Personal Record / best).  Race week is upon me...  So...

It seems like years, and certainly months upon months of day after day of running, dieting, running, elliptical'ing, running, swimming, running, dieting, running, lifting, and running some more.
If I don't get under 3 hours in this weekend's upcoming race I think I will completely implode.

And with a great build up block, it is all in right in front of me for the taking.  Time to taper, sleep (a lot), start getting amp'ed up during the week, and freak out about every little detail about the race.  I think I may be influencing currently being debated net neutrality proposed laws with all of my clicking reload for weather forecast updates. 

Fortunately for me getting amp'ed up will be no problem...  Some of my favorite getting amp'ed up video's / songs which I will be (over) watching this week:
  • Sammy Wanjiru & Tsegaye Kebede throwing absolute haymakers at each other at the 2010 Chicago Marathon (I have no idea how this doesn't have hundreds of thousands of views) 
  • Most every Triathlon Kona Ironman World Championship over the last 10 years on YouTube (even though I could never do one love watching people just lay it all out there).
  • MSU Fight Song / Videos.  How about This One, That One, This One, or That One!  And for motivation & fun for UofM & MSU fans alike.... This One.  All Awesome.
  • And all kinds of kick-ass & cheesy music to fire me up!  Such as:

Time to man up.


  1. Dang it Ted. Now I can't get Mr Buffer's signature announcement out of my mind! Kick @ss this Sunday!

    1. Let's Get Ready To Ruuuuuummmmmble!!!!!

  2. The best of luck this weekend. Time to cash in on all that hard work. BTW how's that weather forecast?

    1. High of upper 70's but I plan on finishing faster than the heat can catch up to me! Booyah!