Monday, June 23, 2014

Kawauchi & Voigt

A cool and fun thing from my two favorite endurance sports people...

First - Yuki Kawauchi-san's (Japan's 'Citizen Runner') results thus far in 2014 as maintained by the great Japan Running News site:
Absolutely nuts volume of racing and results.  He has raced 22 times through 6/15 already in 2014!!! There is nobody in the world who comes close to that quantity and quality of results. 

And how about the always hilarious Jens Voigt discussing his performance in the Tour of California:

How had I not stumbled across this hilarious interview previously?!?!

Interviewer:  This is your last Tour of California, you had a pretty quiet week,but you got in a breakaway today,you must feel pretty happy about that?
Jens: 'What the #*^! quiet week?!  I was suffering like a pig every day.  I was trying to go on a breakaway every day.  But it looks like I'm the most feared rider in the world!

Absolutely hilarious.

Endurance sports are made more fun to participate in and follow due to people like Kawauchi & Jens.